The Impact

Written by Margaret Osei

The first time I joined this team, (MTW) on the StreetsmART activity, the question I asked myself was ‘do they always work with kids?’
Well I thought it was a difficult task because I had not work closely with kids. Moving on a few months, I joined the great team which I was inspired to work with.
What motivated me the most was to see more young people like me who seek to make change which reflects in their lives, community and generation.
Today in our Get Global project, there has been a lot of experience sharing from facilitators and kids. The role of MTW as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) has a great positive impact in the lives of people in communities like Medie, in which I live.
For me I think I have really made it through because I enjoy learning from kids and also guiding them to know more about themselves and the world at large.

This makes me think that MTW is in a good shape to help communities grow and I look forward to taking that step with them.

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