Father’s Day Tribute

Written by Ben Hayford

Fathers, A shoulder to lean on –
Happy Father’s Day

On this special occasion where the entire planet is celebrating fathers everywhere, the Move the World Team would like wish all fathers a happy and a joyous father’s day. Our success so far as an organisation could not have been this big without the support and guidance of our fathers and father figures.

As an organisation which is so much interested in the wellbeing of humanity, it is one of core mandate to promote gender equality at all angles. We strongly believe that even as we promote and encourage women empowerment, we will not leave our men behind. We believe that both male and female are supposed to be treated fairly and equally without any discrimination or biases. As stipulated by Julia Gillard, a former Australian Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party, the Chair of Global Institute of Women’s Leadership ‘Gender equality is not a women’s issue – it’s good for men too’ .

I therefore call for a balance in the issue of gender across the world. On this note I wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day.

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