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How MTW Help Solve the Problem of Global Food Security in the Wake of the Global Pandemic

Food is an essential commodity everyone needs to survive. As the old adage goes ‘a hungry man is an angry man.’ The absence of adequate food and production chain to feed a nation has so many disadvantages. Food security as defined by Wikipedia is ‘a measure of the availability of food and individual’s ability to access it.’ The 17 Sustainable Development Goals highlighted on food security in goal number 2, Zero Hunger. Under goal number two, it aims to end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture, and is the priority of the World Food Programme. I will simply define food security as the ability of families to be able to grow what they eat for them to be able to sustain themselves and their next generation as they grow. When families are able to feed themselves, the nation become at peace.

 With this in view, Move The World (MTW) through its program dubbed Get Global and knowing how vital food security is, thought it wise to enlighten the children of Medie on the 2nd Goal of the SDG’s which is zero hunger. The inclusion of children in maintaining food security is very vital since they are among the majority who are mostly hit in a situation of food insecurities. It is therefore incumbent on us all to teach our children not to waste food but rather how to keep and even grow them to sustain their lives and their families.

Move The World has taken a giant step in the Sub Saharan Region of Africa, to be precise Ghana, by the intervention of the Get Global Program to teach the children of Medie how to grow what they eat in an activity dubbed ‘Grow a Bean’. In the Grow a Bean activity, children are taught how to grow a bean using a biodegradable container which is a coconut shell. With MTW, we care about the Environment. We believe that when we destroy the land that gives food, we destroy the food that gives life hence the need to maintain our environment. The kids are encouraged to continue it in their homes too. The concept behind this activity is encourage our future leaders to be self-sufficient by producing what the use and eat. It falls in tandem with the government of Ghana policy dubbed planting for food and jobs.

We therefore encourage all children who are enjoying some holidays because of this pandemic to start cultivating their backyard farms. You are never too young to bring a change. Let’s end food insecurities now.
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