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This month let’s hear from our Community Liaison Officer, Margaret and her journey with MTW since 2019!

Margaret Osei is my name. A lead facilitator and Community Liaison Officer. Sharing my experience in
the past 5 years has really inspired me to do more as my inspirations can go further to inspire a greater
number of students, and the larger community.
Move the World from 2019 till now have impacted 14 schools in 5 communities through us as facilitators and team.
The engagement within these various communities have passed on through skill based learning specifically, global citizenship education which in the long term alters behaviours and minds of how they need to think. Outside the box!

The 17 Global Goals have a diverse approach which tackles all forms of growth and development in the world.

“My motto in life is, if you think it you can do it, and if we all apply that taught we can end world
hunger” – Dionne Warwick.

Running a session on Goal 2, I realized coming together as one people to change the world is easy to make and that is when everyone understands the goals and supports the vision.
Move the World, through our team, trains schools on the 17 Goals every year with experience facilitators
and continues to become the global mover of the goals. And also why our vision and mission remains the standard of our approach.

In Move the World, we move to change and the uniqueness of our work will always become a sustainable road in changing life and communities.
I am a facilitator and for this 5 past years I’m proud for making this impact and creating sustainable change.

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