Community Based Organisations and Why They are Needed in the Community.

Thoughts from Emmanuel Woma

‘Community based organisations (CBO) are nonprofit organisations that work at the local levels to improve lives for the community. The focus of these organisations are to build equality across the community in all streams – health care, environment, equality of education, access to technology, access to space and information for the disabled.’

Community based organisations are needed because they work alongside community members and focus on the root of the issues and challenges within the community. Working at a local level vs a national level.
CBO’s focus on the local elements, which help to eliminate some problems and issues in the community.

An example of a community based organisation in a town called Medie which is called Move The World. This organisation focuses on the youth and the community as a whole. Their targets are based on the Sustainable Development Goals which were launched in the 2015.

I got involved in this community based organisation through so many opportunities. I joined Move the World to be a Get Global facilitator because I want to be actively involved in community development.

Am excited about the role as a Get Global facilitator because I see it as an opportunity to help contribute more to my community.
We believe hard work is the means through which one can attain whatever goals they have in mind.


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