At the core of Get Global are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1 to 6. All activities and projects are centred on educating these students on what these goals are about and how they can contribute to ensuring that ‘no one is left behind’.
The SDG Memory Game is done at the introductory sessions of the Get Global Programme to introduce all 17 SDGs to students in a fun and a more practical way.

How the game is played:
Items needed

  • SDG cards: a pair of cards for each of the seventeen goals. One card bearing the name of the goal and the other bearing the logo of the goal
  • A platform, or flat surface


  • Just as is done in most Get Global games, the group is split into different teams
  • The cards containing the SDGs and their logos are then spread face-down on the platform randomly.
  • Each team is supposed to pick two corresponding cards (i.e a logo and its corresponding goal)
  • If a team mismatch a pair, they put the cards back in the same spot they picked them from.
  • When a team picks up a corresponding pair, they are allowed to keep the matched cards to themselves and go another round.
  • If the team on their next round, have a mismatched pair, they place the mismatched cards face down and the other team gets the chance to pick.
  • This goes on until all the 17 SDG pairs have been picked from the platform. The team with the most SDGs at the end wins.

The SDGs Memory Game is a fun interactive way through which students easily get acquainted with all the 17 goals and what they entail. It also emphasises important virtues of teamwork, paying attention to details, concentration and strategy.

Community Development

Written by: Ben Hayford

There is an Akan adage that says, “the one who climbs the good tree deserves to be pushed.” Move the World has been that person or organisation that need to be pushed when it comes to community development project in Ghana. Ever since my involvement with MTW, I have seen a lot of developmental initiatives taken by MTW within the Medie community and even beyond. I can count of Street Smart, Trash Tag Challenge, Move the World Quiz and other volunteering works embarked by MTW.

As a Ghanaian young man born and bred in Ghana, I am yet to see or meet a foreign youth based non for profit organisation that is so selfless and committed to developing a community with their limited resources even as a start-up organisation. MTW involvement in the development of the Medie Community has change my mind-set on development as whole.

One does not need to do much but the little he can offer can go a long way to change lives and transform societies.  It has really taught me that one does not need to make millions of dollars before he can touch a life.

The impact of MTW in the Medie community goes beyond mere physical recognition however, it touches the very core fabric of the mental and psychological make-up of the people of Medie, especially the children.
The sense of patriotism, globalisation, and democracy among others has been largely impacted.
Many of the kids who are benefiting from the Get Global Programme are a living testimony. Instead of sitting idle and thinking of what their communities can offer them, they rather think of innovative and creative ways to make their community better.

I, Benjamin Hayford Adu, MTW Facilitator whole heartedly applaud MTW for their good work they are doing for the Medie community and Ghana at large.
I therefore call on individual and international donors to donate towards the activities of MTW since its sole objectives is geared toward human and community development.

The Good Lady

Written by Hawa Tasala Gariba

When teaching or facilitating a child, do not only impart in him what is in the books alone but also educate him on the acceptable ways of society and that is what the MTW team does.

When we go into the classrooms, even though our work is to tell them what the sustainable development goals are and how it can help the world, we also take our time to let them know what EMPATHY, SYMPATHY, LOVE, GIVING are so that they will have the heart to give when the need arises. We make them understand that there is nothing wrong with sharing the little you have and we also let them put their selves in each others shoes to know how the person is feeling and that is the only way they can help and understand their friend and that is how I got my beautiful “choker” made for me.

From the empathy and giving skill instilled in them they made me a gift and I am very sure they practice this at home and in the future when they grow the world will be a beautiful place for them to live in.
Let’s not only be facilitator and teachers but let us also be friends to the kids and that is the only way we will know how beautiful their hearts are.

Stand Together

Written by: Patricia Acquah

Young ones are now conscious of their environment. They have now taken control of their immediate environment making sure it is clean. Everyone now has come to the realisation that they have a role to play in making the world a better place. Young ones within the catchment area of the programme stand to have some sense of empathy but same cannot be said for others outside of these areas.

The immense satisfaction that tickles down when you see the gradual change process taking shape in the young ones you facilitate. The Get Global Programme initiated by Move The World has brought about a lot of attitudinal change in the future generation.

For instance, there was a group of young people who stoned their colleague because her mother had contracted COVID 19 while their parent stood unconcerned. Such people need to understand that there is a human factor in making the world a better place and that will start by making your home, school and immediate environment better.

Stand up for someone, lend a helping hand to someone who needs it and protect your environment. The world will not be the same after this pandemic. If it is in your power, help us replicate this programme in different parts of the country.



Being one of my favourite Get Global activities, Lines of Communication is an activity used in training kids on the essence of teamwork, effective communication and attention to detail.

How the game is played:

Items needed

A drawing board and drawing pen

A diagram of an SDG

A time keeper


  • Lines of communication is played using two or more teams depending on the size of the class.
  • For each team, there are three communication levels: the headteacher, teacher, students (including one or two people selected to draw).
  • Each team is to draw the diagram which is only shown to the headteacher (or students if we use a bottom-up communication approach).
  • The headteachers of the various teams are allowed to view the diagram which is hidden in a place only accessible to them.
  • They are then required to describe what they saw only to the teachers who serve as an intermediary between the headteachers and students.
  • The teacher also describes what he was told to the students who are required to draw it on the drawing board.
  • The teams have a set time to complete the task and a winner is adjudged.

Being a global citizen means understanding that different people from different parts of a community, a country, or the world can come together as one team to effect change in the world. Creating change requires that we channel information from bottom-up or top-down depending on which position or situation we find ourselves. The Lines of Communications thus explain these communication processes in a more practical way to students.

My Personal Experience with MTW

Ben has been involved with Move the World since 2015 when we ran a collaborative Community Day with 1 Billion Africa, one of our partner organisations. Since then Ben has been involved with numerous projects for MTW and many collaborative programmes including a Young Leaders Retreat, Ammambr3, and Tech2Orphans. We are so happy to have him officially on board as a Get Global Facilitator now- here’s his story.

Doing what you love doing best is one of the easiest way to achieve satisfaction and total emancipation. I have been a beneficiary of some of Move The World Training programs throughout the years and I bet you it has really impacted me positively.
MTW gives you the space to be your self whiles reaching your capabilities. I had the chance to meet like-minded people who are ever ready to share, learn, play and eat with me.

As a young man with the passion to transform my society and help raise peoples standard of living, Move The World was one of my major springboard to achieving that dream.
Enrolling as Move The World Facilitator this year has been one of my greatest wins in 2020. It has placed me in an environment where I have discovered and recovered some of my God given potentials. It has given me the opportunity to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals and impact it into the younger generation of the Medie Community.
With the kids, the joy on their faces during class time is more than enough motivation and satisfaction.  It has not only benefited the people of Medie community but my immediate family. They are now more conscious of the SDGs and doing everything they need to do to promote it.

Whatever this year brings… I’m looking onward and upward.

#MTW #GetGlobal #SDGs #facilitation #Training #Impact #PersonalDevelopment #Globalliving #Motivation #Change #Positivity #Community

-Ben Hayford, Get Global Facilitator

My Impact as a Facilitator

Written by: Michael Kwesi Woma

Get Global has impacted so many lives including mine and every time I hear or see things about innovations to improve and sustain the well-being of children and their families through educational activities, it makes me realise how Move the World (MTW)  has empowered and transformed me and my community to be a part of this amazing global community. 

How amazing is it walking around my community only to see kid writing about things MTW has facilitated with them on walls in their community! Now those are the impacts am talking about, an impact that gets you involved in your community by simply sharing the knowledge you get to the rest of the people around you. Anytime all these events begin to circle around me I see myself being a part of a global-chain that is helping to bring change in my community.

Ever since my involvement with MTW I feel my sense of purpose has been enhanced with greater courage to build a strong and diverse relationship within my community and partner with communities, actively learning and understanding their realities. This has given me the amount of respect I receive from parents and kids in my community by calling my name (WOMA!!!) and when kids see this transformations they try to be like you in their own ways.

The sun has shined towards my face and now I see the shadows falling behind me and that is the joy i get when am with my global family!!!

Community Based Organisations and Why They are Needed in the Community.

Thoughts from Emmanuel Woma

‘Community based organisations (CBO) are nonprofit organisations that work at the local levels to improve lives for the community. The focus of these organisations are to build equality across the community in all streams – health care, environment, equality of education, access to technology, access to space and information for the disabled.’

Community based organisations are needed because they work alongside community members and focus on the root of the issues and challenges within the community. Working at a local level vs a national level.
CBO’s focus on the local elements, which help to eliminate some problems and issues in the community.

An example of a community based organisation in a town called Medie which is called Move The World. This organisation focuses on the youth and the community as a whole. Their targets are based on the Sustainable Development Goals which were launched in the 2015.

I got involved in this community based organisation through so many opportunities. I joined Move the World to be a Get Global facilitator because I want to be actively involved in community development.

Am excited about the role as a Get Global facilitator because I see it as an opportunity to help contribute more to my community.
We believe hard work is the means through which one can attain whatever goals they have in mind.


The Impact

Written by Margaret Osei

The first time I joined this team, (MTW) on the StreetsmART activity, the question I asked myself was ‘do they always work with kids?’
Well I thought it was a difficult task because I had not work closely with kids. Moving on a few months, I joined the great team which I was inspired to work with.
What motivated me the most was to see more young people like me who seek to make change which reflects in their lives, community and generation.
Today in our Get Global project, there has been a lot of experience sharing from facilitators and kids. The role of MTW as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) has a great positive impact in the lives of people in communities like Medie, in which I live.
For me I think I have really made it through because I enjoy learning from kids and also guiding them to know more about themselves and the world at large.

This makes me think that MTW is in a good shape to help communities grow and I look forward to taking that step with them.

Who Am I?

My Experience with MTW – Habiba Abdullah

For the past few weeks, I have been engaging you (audience) requesting for your support to like, share and take insights from post on Move The World’s page.

I owe you a lot right? I believe you’d love to have some insight about MTW and experiences I and my community (Medie) have had through its rich programme dubbed Get Global

Move the World is a charity that provides experiences and opportunities for young leaders to create, develop and implement projects in their communities.
Its framework is focussed on building self confident and creative citizens who can feel empowered to do more and have positive impact on others.

As things change rapidly in our world today, MTW deem youth as important world’s development driving force

For that reason and many others, MTW appoints facilitators who are making and would love to make difference in their communities to be confident ambassadors of Move the World. Be capable of delivering sessions on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to generations. Children between 9-12 years.

The past 2 years with MTW has been educative, hilarious, impressive and of course challenging! You know how stay and work at home could be fun but challenging right? How about creating content from home with all creativity you can think of?😃😃

My experience with MTW has increased my passion for children and education as well as learning. The rich curricula will leave you with memories!

Created an employment avenue to support me reach my potential.

Equipped me with skills, experiences and understanding of work with children. Diverse space and environment created by MTW will make you appreciate children to create a well defined connection.

An in-depth knowledge to appreciate learning abilities with children

Developed my thinking and problem solving skills and

Improved my personal development and creativity. #Covid19 plans put in place by the wonderful Team aided this process.

In their quest for youth to spearhead development in their communities and beyond, it introduced an educational programme dubbed Get Global
Get Global is an exceptional 7 months project that challenge students and youth to think about the World. It harness their capabilities as global citizens with focus on the first 6 Goals. #NoPoverty #ZeroHunger #GoodHealth&Wellbeing #QualityEducation #GenderEquality #CleanWater&Sanitation

If I have gained priceless benefits and experiences from MTW, can imagine what the community holds?

Not only is MTW good at programming but Facilitators are their Core!!

Stay Tuned for More!!
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