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My Experience with MTW – Habiba Abdullah

For the past few weeks, I have been engaging you (audience) requesting for your support to like, share and take insights from post on Move The World’s page.

I owe you a lot right? I believe you’d love to have some insight about MTW and experiences I and my community (Medie) have had through its rich programme dubbed Get Global

Move the World is a charity that provides experiences and opportunities for young leaders to create, develop and implement projects in their communities.
Its framework is focussed on building self confident and creative citizens who can feel empowered to do more and have positive impact on others.

As things change rapidly in our world today, MTW deem youth as important world’s development driving force

For that reason and many others, MTW appoints facilitators who are making and would love to make difference in their communities to be confident ambassadors of Move the World. Be capable of delivering sessions on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to generations. Children between 9-12 years.

The past 2 years with MTW has been educative, hilarious, impressive and of course challenging! You know how stay and work at home could be fun but challenging right? How about creating content from home with all creativity you can think of???

My experience with MTW has increased my passion for children and education as well as learning. The rich curricula will leave you with memories!

Created an employment avenue to support me reach my potential.

Equipped me with skills, experiences and understanding of work with children. Diverse space and environment created by MTW will make you appreciate children to create a well defined connection.

An in-depth knowledge to appreciate learning abilities with children

Developed my thinking and problem solving skills and

Improved my personal development and creativity. #Covid19 plans put in place by the wonderful Team aided this process.

In their quest for youth to spearhead development in their communities and beyond, it introduced an educational programme dubbed Get Global
Get Global is an exceptional 7 months project that challenge students and youth to think about the World. It harness their capabilities as global citizens with focus on the first 6 Goals. #NoPoverty #ZeroHunger #GoodHealth&Wellbeing #QualityEducation #GenderEquality #CleanWater&Sanitation

If I have gained priceless benefits and experiences from MTW, can imagine what the community holds?

Not only is MTW good at programming but Facilitators are their Core!!

Stay Tuned for More!!
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