Mother Earth – Patricia Acquah

As a change agent and an advocate for the SDGs, I was struck as I attended to my chores; I realised the difference this pandemic has brought in achieving the SDGs. Whiles the joy of achieving goal 13(Climate Action) is on a good course, Goal 3(Good health and well-being) is gradually deteriorating due to the massive social and economic impact of the pandemic in the lives of families, individuals and the world as a whole. My heart is sadden because one SDG is being achieved, the other is being affected which is causing mother Earth to bleed.

From Southeast Asia came COVID-19 to invade the world, turning sharply here and there “like a plague of locust wrecking what was once full of life.
Sweeping off mother earth’s feet like the sea sweeping the sand from her shores. She bleeds, she bleeds, mother earth bleeds as she stares helplessly at the passing of her beloved children, humans, being vandalised by an invasive Alien species “Coronavirus.”

Some might say on the other hand, this could also lead to restoring her normal climate. But her effort to redeem her children have been a strong tag of war but she is determined to triumph!

She yearns for her children to adhere to the preventive measures by washing their hands with soap under running water or the use of alcohol base sanitizer, social distancing, and wearing of face mask. Anyone who does not adhere to these faces the wrath of this virus.

Let’s stay safe for Mother Earth

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