My Joy As A Facilitator – By Israel Fugah

For me, the joy in helping facilitate a session in the Get Global Programme is not necessarily what the Lead Facilitator and I get to train the young students in but more importantly, what we get to build together – collectively!

Over a period, I’ve observed highly successful facilitation is not just embedded in knowledge but in the ability to speak to the hearts of your audience.

Before facilitators are assigned schools, MTW makes it a priority to take facilitators through series of trainings with resources delivered at their disposal to ensure proper preparation is done before, during and after Get Global sessions. Yet for a facilitator to be able to deliver a productive session, he or she must understand the art of engaging the students with his or her heart!

Facilitation is a real giving work that requires one to be real with themselves and the audience. For me, helping shape the minds and hearts of the young ones as Global Citizens rewards me with a sense of fulfillment.

That I get to hear a student quote Kofi Annan with respect to Education or see them to work together makes me feel honored!

My joy is made complete when these young ones tend to respond to our sessions by pouring themselves back into us in unimaginable ways!

Photo: Israel celebrating a highly successful facilitation day with some of His students at United Christian Academy at Samsam in the Medie District of Ghana!

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