At War with a Common Enemy – Poem by Joseph Fiagbe

I have been thinking of ways to blend poetry, recital, dance and drama in choreography alongside the sweetness of the healing sounds of the gyil instrument.
My inspirations are from different angles;
my love for the wellbeing and existence of humanity as one people with equal respect for all,
my passion for dance
the sweet sounds of the buzzing gyil instrument
story teller, gyil builder and player masters Mr. Tgyan and late Bernard Woma.
The analogy in this poem is inspired by a Reggae artiste cum radio presenter in Ghana who hosts a show on ‘zylofon radio station’ called the “Taxi Driver Show, Blakk Rasta.”
In all, I felt like this crisis has it’s ups and downs so why not make the best out of these days of social distancing and discover new skills and talents within me – like poetry!

War oh war, when will this war end?
The answer depends on how we fight this war. We are at war with a common enemy. Who is this common enemy?
The invisible enemy in our midst, devouring innocent souls.
Brethren, are you ready to face this common enemy who knows no boundaries, no colour, nor age, neither rich or poor, big or small, short or tall, master or servant, male or female?
The only race on earth, the human race, is under attack by a common enemy and now you know who our enemy is, COVID-19.
Some youth keep saying they are at no risk with this enemy but HEY, remember you are not immune and therefore you are a potential ally to be used by the enemy to get into your home and rip your family apart.
Our big giant birds are no more being impregnated with humans and flying over our heads. From Australia through Norway and all the ways, to England, Finland, Grand Island, Holland, Iceland and through all the rest of the lands, down to Zimbabwe, the whole world is at war with one common invincible enemy.
How do we fight this enemy?
‘Together we stand- divided we fall’ as the saying goes, enough is enough, what our enemy has taken from us is enough!
Let us all stand together, united and equip ourselves with the one simple weapon known to be ‘social distancing’ to fight this common enemy and victory will be ours.
DO NOT FORGET your healthy living tips (drinking water regularly throughout the day, regular exercising, personal hygiene, staying at home, etc) to help break the chain of our common enemy spreading through us like the unseen wind!
Stay Safe!

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