Community Development

Written by: Ben Hayford

There is an Akan adage that says, “the one who climbs the good tree deserves to be pushed.” Move the World has been that person or organisation that need to be pushed when it comes to community development project in Ghana. Ever since my involvement with MTW, I have seen a lot of developmental initiatives taken by MTW within the Medie community and even beyond. I can count of Street Smart, Trash Tag Challenge, Move the World Quiz and other volunteering works embarked by MTW.

As a Ghanaian young man born and bred in Ghana, I am yet to see or meet a foreign youth based non for profit organisation that is so selfless and committed to developing a community with their limited resources even as a start-up organisation. MTW involvement in the development of the Medie Community has change my mind-set on development as whole.

One does not need to do much but the little he can offer can go a long way to change lives and transform societies.  It has really taught me that one does not need to make millions of dollars before he can touch a life.

The impact of MTW in the Medie community goes beyond mere physical recognition however, it touches the very core fabric of the mental and psychological make-up of the people of Medie, especially the children.
The sense of patriotism, globalisation, and democracy among others has been largely impacted.
Many of the kids who are benefiting from the Get Global Programme are a living testimony. Instead of sitting idle and thinking of what their communities can offer them, they rather think of innovative and creative ways to make their community better.

I, Benjamin Hayford Adu, MTW Facilitator whole heartedly applaud MTW for their good work they are doing for the Medie community and Ghana at large.
I therefore call on individual and international donors to donate towards the activities of MTW since its sole objectives is geared toward human and community development.

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