Mindfulness: 7 Incredible Lessons Grasped! – Habiba Abdallah

“How could you have predicted that you would be profoundly affected by this pandemic? Remember life journeys birth lessons.”

You may be unaware of some events but they still have great sway over you, transitioning you from one trail to the other. You are differently introduced to every episode, from no to low impacts that just keep you going; those that become part of you, increase your passion, motivation, energy- which makes you feel obstacles no longer matter; to other occurrences that change your direction.

In understanding these episodes, you’ll agree with me that we tend to overlook the ones with no impacts on directions we take and rather focus on others that boost and gear our directions.

Predicting and envisioning events boost our intellectual, emotional and social skills, whereas unpredictable events affect our personal development by placing strenuous pressure on finances and relationship with work colleagues as well as loss of identity and self confidence.

However, sometimes unhappy events such as #Covid19 unveils inner personalities, introduce us to loved ones and propels us to move forward faster and do bolder things.

In juxtaposing both predictable and unpredictable events in my life, permit me to walk you through 7 incredible lessons I have learnt during this pandemic;

  1. Now more than ever I love staying at home with my mum and spend more time together.
    I was always moving from volunteering works to school paying little attention to my family. My mum’s ailment during this pandemic, studying from home and schools’ closure influenced me to spend more time with family.
    This decision but to make things more positive has taught me I have to find alternatives to make this a reality.
  2. Bravery: when life demands more than you are used to or can handle, Persevere!
    If the other part of you feels like giving up, Persevere! And you feel a task is difficult, Persevere!!!
  3. Online studies took over in Ghana with such a shaky system leaving students on their own fate. From losing a test, catching up on online lectures to writing tests and exams online. Such a crazy moment enhanced my ability to embrace change and to stay updated.
  4. Blaming the world for this pandemic will not push burdens off my shoulders, it rather disempowers me. I would rather take charge and help make myself and others happy in the best way. This will help overcome setbacks and disappointments. #Happiness is a choice
  5. As schools are closed and economic activities take a halt from the pandemic causing untold human suffering, I realised how working/volunteering whiles studying from home is challenging. Setting priorities can be difficult during these times when you have family, work, education merged into one.
  6. I must confess that I didn’t enjoy farming when my once dad took us to his farm, but I have cultivated a habit of practicing Get Global Project Grow a Bean on SDGs #2 which has made me appreciate small things and I’m enjoying farming with my dad now.
  7. Unlearning lessons that do not serve me can help change my life.

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity” ~Albert Einstein

The Challenge is on all of us!!

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