Community Change Agent – Patricia Acquah

Speaking for the voiceless, educating people on their rights and standing in between the voiceless and the authority is not a likable place an ordinary person would want. But that is where I am. I am a change agent!

Most young people are not knowledgeable about their Sexual Reproductive Health Rights. Some also lack the voice to demand for their own rights. As an advocate and trainer, I educate people to know about their fundamental human rights and how to demand it.

Doing this over the years brings a lot of joy to me because it has always been my passion to help people be empowered. It is about making young ladies aware of their rights. They are now responsible for their bodies and thereby reducing the rate of teenage pregnancy.

Others have also been enlightened on where and how to demand accountability and justice.

In all, it has not been an easy journey but it is worth traveling this path.

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