Lovers and Bluffers is BACK!

The event you have come to know and love is BACK IN PERSON!

We loved your energy last year when we took it online and learnt Kpanlogo together with Dance Master Joseph and this year we are back to our 2020 venue of the Corinthia Hotel in London.

We would love to see you on what will be a fantastic night of dancing, music, casino tables (fun money only!!) and tons of prizes to be had.

Make sure to get your tickets fast as you don’t want to miss out 🙂
And if you can’t make it – consider making a donation to help us continue facilitating the youth in Ghana to be active global citizens.

7th of May
Corinthia Hotel, London
Ticket Link

Medaase and see you there!

Facing Forward to Break the Bias

We all got used to online events and meetings during the pandemic and as glorious as it is to now be able to be back in person – at Move the World we are looking to do a mix throughout the year to be able to include our incredible community from around the world.

March 8th marks International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate the achievements of women but more importantly to pledge a difference to see a more equal and fair world.
Last year we were honoured to host an event with the theme of #ChoosetoChallenge with 3 women from varying careers and backgrounds.
They spoke of their challenges and adversaries and they spoke of their drive and mission for women and girls to be included and welcomed in every sector.
A major thank you to Ivelina Green, Juliet Amoah and Rebecca Farmer for joining us.

Additional to this event last year we saw the incredible skills of our own treasurer, Kellie Lucas who moderated the conversation and discussion.
Kellie has welcomed the idea to host once again for this years International Women’s Day themed event – Facing Forward to Break the Bias.

#BreaktheBias is this years theme around the world and we wanted to pair this with Kwame Nkrumah’s iconic speech as he led Ghana into an independent state in 1965.
‘…we face neither east nor west, we face forward..’

This year we have another 3 incredible speakers who will discuss what it means for them to #BreaktheBias in their respective careers on a daily basis.

Nana-Efua Lawson : Managing Director and Principal Psychologist at Castlegate International

Renata Kashiwaya Pinheiro : VP Customer Success at WeGift

David Selorm Atsu : Associate at Credit Suisse

Tickets are by donation and we would love your support in empowering this upcoming generation to believe in their value, worth and their commitment to breaking the bias.

12th of April
7pm BST
Tickets Here

Getting “Chocolatey”

A very exciting announcement for us!

MIA Chocolate – Food with Thought will be partnering with us this coming May to support 6 Get Global Sessions focused on SDG 2- Zero Hunger!
That’s an impact of 90 students, 6 facilitators and 3 schools!

You may remember a MERGE event in 2018 when we partnered with MIA previously and enjoyed an evening of “speed dating/chocolate tasting.” They have been a massive support to us since the beginning and we’re so excited as they expand their projects and business into Ghana this coming year!

MIA’s Story: The idea for MIA started with co-founder couple Brett Beach and Sarah Lescrauwaet and grew thanks to contributions from a group of individuals united around a passion to create delicious foods that bring prosperity to communities in Africa.

We are honoured and very excited to be collaborating with this amazing company!
Check out your local shops for MIA chocolate on your shelves- you won’t be disappointed!

Meet Wonu Owoade!

Wonu came on board in October 2021 as our Fundraising Manager – she is an integral part of the team already! Have a read about her first month…

“…not only a team, but we are a family…”

‘Move the World’. When I saw the name of this charity I smiled and knew I instantly wanted to be part of their story.
In today’s world where there is so much changing within society and not always for the good, I always feel encouraged knowing there are people out there who want to make a positive difference in any way possible. I knew as soon as reading into the work of this charity that the team believed in the importance of doing good in any way possible and in the process help ‘Move the World’ – one day at a time.

That was the main reason why I applied to be their Fundraising Manager to help raise the resources needed to continue this important work – work to help young people in Ghana reach their full potential and become change-
makers transforming their communities. When I secured the role I was thrilled and could not wait to get started on the work at hand!

In my first month, alongside learning about the work, my main responsibility has been to help research donors with who we could work and form strategic partnerships. In my first two weeks, I helped submit a proposal to such a donor and for me, it was a great opportunity to learn more about the work of Move the World and our ambitious plans to extend our reach to even more young people next year and have a greater impact in the communities that we serve. Together with the Trustees, we are working on putting our fundraising strategy for 2022 into action with many exciting events on the horizon including the Big Give and our annual Lovers and Bluffers event in which we hope will provide great opportunities to thank our supporters; as well as reach more people to support the work we do.

Another key highlight has been meeting members of the team both virtually and in person, we always try to stay connected across time zones and different working days. Although we have our specific responsibilities, we always assess how best we can support each other and we all get stuck in where and as needed.

We are not only a team but we are a family.

As Christmas rolls on, we have been working on developing our Christmas video – which has been very exciting and also a laugh in making – I cannot wait for you to see it! As we look to 2022, we hope to continue to expand our partnerships and outreach and hope together we can continue to Move the World!

What is a Global Citizen?

July 2021 has been a pretty packed month- from creating and brainstorming for our newest curriculum to hosting our first FULL team meeting with facilitators and teacher guides and setting up for what will be a pretty busy August with 2 Community Programmes running in full over 13 days.

But in true Move the World style, we added some spice and life to our meetings and day to day activities and took a few moments to tell you what being a Global Citizen means to us.

Would love to hear what it means for you 🙂

Let’s Go Planting: Move The World supports Green Ghana.

The Ministry of Lands and Resources alongside the Forestry Commission launched the Green Ghana Project on 11th June 2021.

This is to be a national annual event called Green Ghana Day. The project campaigns for restoring Ghana’s depleting forest by planting 5 million trees a day nationwide. The total number of trees planted will increase annually.

Free seedlings were distributed by the Government and the project encouraged the engagement of all citizens. Move The World being the only registered NGO in the Medie township supported the Forestry Commission Service Division in Amasaman to plant 200 Teak and Cedrela seedlings in Dobro – the next town after Medie.

Inmates from the Nsawam Prison came to support the initiative and helped in the tree planting. The Green Ghana Team has a Monitoring and Evaluation team who are responsible of  nursing and nurturing the seedlings into maturity.

This is an investment in the sustainability of our future and Move The World couldn’t miss an opportunity to engage in an initiative that reflected the diverse ways in which we educate students to be active global citizens through our Get Global Programme.

We look forward to continually be an active participant of the annual Green Ghana Day events.

Nkabom – Connecting Hearts & Hands for Ghana

On the 21st of April 2021, we ran the first Nkabom event.

This event was an idea sparked in November 2020 on how we might be able to collaborate with others and raise funds and awareness for our programmes.

We teamed up with Action Through Enterprise (ATE) and Girls Flow Free (GFF) at the end of the last year, put our heads together and came up with with a plan.

Nkabom is the twi word for “bringing together” or “connecting” – the adinkra symbol chosen means “connecting hearts” and this was something that fit so well for us as we wanted to connect with eachother, build eachother up and connect with the larger Ghanaian diaspora here in the UK.

The evening was jam packed and started off with a conversation between Dawid and Afua and then moved into 6 minute pitches from each of the 3 charities – ATE, GFF and MTW- followed by 4 minutes of questions.

We were honoured to have Dawid Konotey-Ahulu, one of our long term supporters and mentors join us for the evening and speak about his personal experiences growing up in Ghana and where his path has led him to today.
This was a live conversation with Afua Adom, a journalist and broadcaster, who was also able to share her experiences in giving to projects and organisations “back home” (Ghana).

Plus our wonderful Kellie Lucas, trustee and treasurer once again wowed us with her ability to moderate the conversation and MC the evening.

“Every child needs at least one adult in their lives who is irrationally crazy about them”- Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

It was such a great experience for MTW to harness our ask and focus in on the important parts of what people want to hear.

Together we raised £2400 that is split 3 ways between us! A successful evening had by all!!

Finally, we are honoured to have Vicky Leigh in our network who wrote an article on the event here:

To have a watch or listen in check out the recording!

Study Buddies- Acumen Course

Our core management team, Caroline, Claire, Lawrencia and Megan have just finished a 7 week Acumen coursed on “Nonprofit Fundraising.”

We have learnt so much and this comes at the exact time we are writing more grants and running more events to raise up awareness on our programmes and the incredible people who make sure each session runs smoothly!

Being virtual actually worked really well for us as we created a slot in our diaries every Friday afternoon for 2 hours to go over the readings and assignment work.
Our “study buddy” session was led by a different person of the team each week on a rotating basis – so we were able to play teacher and student as well.

We can’t recommend this course enough as it has helped shape a new way of looking at things for us and built a stronger base of passion of why we do what we do.

Move the World may be small but we are mighty and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Thank you Acumen for providing this course for free and looking forward to the next course we can book on soon!

Big Leadership Lesson with Prince Adu-Appiah

Co-Founders Claire Hardy and Megan Taylor were honoured to be the first guests on long time friend and partner Prince Adu-Appiah’s latest dive into the world of podcasts.

We met Prince in 2015 in Ghana and his work with 1 Billion Africa. Our collaborations haven’t ceased since and we are so proud of what this man is able to accomplish.

On reflection both Claire and Megan mentioned how fulfilling it was to speak about their own journeys and their big leadership lessons.

Have a listen where ever you get your podcasts!


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