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Michael Woma, also known by his day name, Kwesi, has been with Move the World since the very beginning and has been influential in developing programmes, strategic views and all around advocacy for the community.
Kwesi is currently studying Education at the University of Winneba and looking towards a future in supporting under-served populations in Ghana.

Educating my community on the sustainable development goals for this past years has made me realized how much knowledge I was able to impact in these young kids as well as myself!

Working with Move the world has given me the insight to understand that classrooms and outdoor engagement is very critical to effective teaching and there are many ways one can go about them. “Try different approaches until you find what is best for you and your students” is one of many lessons I took from MTW and this has been a part of me anytime am engaging learners.

Having more training and experience from MTW and being a lead facilitator, I have acquired so many skills sets as to the various roles a lead facilitator should play to make my class a lively one for all. The diversion of students attention to key points on a map and asking them to explain what they see in their own words and suggest ways to visualize their ideas differently is one of the skills that always keeps my class active and more interactive and this makes everyone feels comfortable contributing their opinions, even if it differs from those around them.

Also as a facilitator I have come to understand that every student has a learning style, some like to watch and listen, others like to read and write and some prefer hands on experiences. In my “books” the idea that people with disabilities are somehow less than their peers is not just offensive but also incorrect! I believe that everyone has a different level of ability and we should respect everyone regardless of their limitations or advantages. No one deserves to be treated unjustly because they do not fit into societal norms and this is why MTW never discriminate but includes everyone to learn in their diverse ways. Encouraging equal participation for both boys and girls in all activities and sessions we facilitates is very essential to us as an organization in order to promote gender-sensitive teaching in class.We as MTW facilitators have been trained to adopt gender-sensitive teaching methods that promote equality in the classroom. This includes using inclusive language and avoiding gender stereotypes.

Since the inception of this program, I can gladly say that MTW has helped students benefit from these projects by gaining new skills and knowledge in economic growth, social inclusion, gender equality, quality Education, clean water and sanitation etc. and they are encouraged to think about the world around them and how they can make a difference. This however has made their confidence grow as they share their knowledge with others. With improved and unlimited supply of teaching and learning materials (TLMs) from MTW, learning becomes more easier for both facilitators and learners, classroom becomes more inclusive that no child feels left out. Resources like MTW passports, card games, gift bags and others allows students to be exposed to new learning skills and this creates safe spaces where students can discuss issues related to gender and sexuality without fear of discrimination or harassment.

Promoting quality education and gender equality is an ongoing process that requires commitment and effort. But by taking a step, i believe one  can make a positive impact on the lives of students and help to create a more equal and inclusive society.

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