Get Involved – Get Your Company on Board

We have been incredibly fortunate over the years to gain support from people around the world and from various expertise.

So many companies now offer volunteering days and we would love to chat with you on how you can support us this coming year.

A few options to tell your company about are Matchable and Benevity. We have had volunteers and consultants from both and the best thing is its limited time – but of course you’re welcome to stay for longer and help us grow and expand!

The biggest thing you can do to support us is share the word but we love when our supporters have ideas for us and can bring them to life.
If you notice something on our website, social media or communications you think we could use an update in – get in touch! Let’s learn together.

If you think you can support with event planning or setting up a challenge to fundraise- get in touch!

We appreciate you, we value your support and commitment and we love to grow alongside you. 

If you’re interested in giving some of your time email Claire – 

Medaase paa

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