Lawrencia’s UK Trip

On the 7th of February, 2020 after a Get Global session I embarked on a 17days MTW trip to the UK.

Prior to the trip, our team of facilitators and I discussed how things will look like during my absence and provisions were made for supplies needed for subsequent sessions. Habiba and Michael who are lead facilitators were the point of call for facilitators who needed immediate assistance during this period.   

My time in the UK was marked with warm experiences of connecting with the UK team in person without a screen or zoom video calls and bad network connectivity. I appreciate getting accustomed to the MTW ‘work culture’ on the UK side, engaging in the strategic planning of the Get Global Programme, and spending memorable time with Claire, Megan and Caroline especially on our escape room team building experience.

Lovers and Bluffers, a remarkably well organised one in a billion charity ball (no exaggeration here) turned out a great success and exceeded my expectations. It was absolutely inspiring, in the midst of the buzz and rave to articulate the astounding impacts that MTW have on our beneficiaries through the Get Global Programme and for all present to experience how their support is beneficial in the scaling up of the Get Global Programme in Ghana.

A day to my departure from the UK, Megan, Claire, Caroline and I facilitated a Get Global workshop for Staines District Girlguiding – World Thinking Day. From interacting with the girl guides, I gained deeper cross-cultural understandings around the first 6 SDGs and how these understandings influence specific cultural-oriented approaches in achieving the targets of the SDGs.

This trip gave me the opportunity for many ‘first time’ experiences; I visited Wales – Cardiff and totally felt disoriented once I got off the coach as I was reading road signs in Welsh, made me feel like I was in a different country for a minute (I guess I was)! I tried indoor bouldering which I realised I am a natural. Saw a circus, enjoyed an escape room experience, tasted my first mint sauce and most importantly tried Chai latte with soymilk for the first time and totally loved it!

Being away from the field, I gleaned valuable coordinating skills from adopting new ways of working with facilitators remotely. I also had greater insights on the strength of our team of facilitators as they took absolute responsibility of their respective sessions, effectively delivered their sessions successfully and efficiently provided support to one another. I cannot sing of their praises enough!

Thinking Day 2020

This year on February 23rd Megan, Claire, Caroline and Lawrencia got the opportunity to run a Get Global workshop afternoon for Staines District Girlguiding – World Thinking Day. Traditionally February 22nd; it is a day for all girls to think about each other and people outside their community and across the globe, ideas that coincide with our aims for our Get Global programmes and Global Citizenship Education, so what better way to kick off our first UK Get Global workshop. 

51 girls, aged 5-14 discovered 7 interactive stations based on the first 6 sustainable development goals and global citizenship education. Together we dove into realities and fiction around poverty, where we’ve seen it in our everyday lives but also how it’s portrayed on the TV and shapes how we think poverty outside our community looks like. We planted tomato seeds to try growing some food for ourselves and others; talking about how taking part in activities such as Harvest Festival affects others. The girls showed Claire their yoga skills and how they connect to their families and others by sharing exercise together. Station 4 the girls surprised us with their knowledge of famous global citizens and how they have shaped the world we live in today. Lawrencia led discussions on gender equality, what it meant to them to be girls growing up in today’s world and what they were proud of achieving as girls. We also looked at how long items take to biodegrade and there were a few surprises around the idea that chewing gum NEVER disappears. The final stop was creating a global citizenship tree on the church hall wall – every girl added leaves with values and qualities they believe a global citizen should have and it was left up to be viewed by all the members of the community to hopefully be inspired. 

Rounding up the afternoon we finished with a fast-paced relay race using things we’d learnt that afternoon to win clues to a final anagram; accountable. Together we reflected on everything we’d part-taken in that afternoon and how we are all responsible for our actions and the knock affect our actions have on others. We didn’t realise then the world would be where it is today, a reminder of just how connected we all are and though we are divided by oceans we can work together to make a brighter and safer world for all of us.

Lovers & Bluffers 2020

Lovers and Bluffers 2020

On the 15th February 2020 we hosted our annual Lovers and Bluffers fundraising event. Held at the beautiful Corinthia Hotel Ballroom in London, we had an evening of music, dancing, casino tables and fun activities.

This was our second Lovers & Bluffers event and we more than doubled the amount fundraised in 2019. We are extremely pleased to announce we raised an incredible £16,600.

A big thank-you to everyone who supported and attended this event, we are so grateful for the community we have supporting our work, both in the UK and in Ghana.

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