Becoming Part of the Family

Have a read from our incredible University of Bath Work Placement Intern, Anita Beljanina.
We are so fortunate to have her part of the team!

Since the launch of Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, free, equitable and quality education has been in the centre of social and economic development. During my postgraduate studies in University of Bath, I learned, however, that in many African countries the education system struggles and there are many inequalities between the rich and poor; girls and boys. For various reasons, governments alone in these countries are not able to provide accessible and quality education. This is why non-governmental organisations, charities and the private sector step in to ensure that every child can enjoy the benefits of education. 

It was February 2023 when I first learned about Move the World and the work they do in Ghana. As completing work experience is part of my degree, I decided to apply for the charity’s grants officer position. Soon after I was warmly welcomed into the team and assigned my first tasks. I’ve always been passionate about education and sustainability which is also one of the reasons why I was keen to support Move the World and its Global Citizenship Education programmes.  As part of the small UK based team, I help the charity with fundraising efforts, communicating with trusts and foundations, data entry, and other important organisational tasks. 

Move the World is made up of so many talented and kind women that inspire me everyday. We all come from very different backgrounds which makes working together so much more fun and motivating. I’ve spent most of my life in Estonia, a little country in Northern Europe, before moving to the United Kingdom for my university studies. Everyday life there is so much different to life in the UK, Ghana or even North America. Every culture has something different to offer and I love learning from my colleagues and friends about their experiences and traditions.

Being part of Move the World has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional, and to contribute to a meaningful cause that I care about. I feel lucky and grateful to be surrounded by such amazing women who support each other and share a common vision of sustainable community development. 

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