Leadership Workshop with Al-Rayan International School and JUMP! Foundation

Hawa and Michael spent the week with JUMP! Foundation on their programme delivery at Al-Rayan International School in September 2023. Have a read on their reflections and learnings…

Leadership skills are not innate but can be nurtured and developed through effective programs.

At Al-Rayan International School, a week-long leadership program was held to equip students with the essential tools and knowledge to become successful leaders in the future. The program aimed to instil in students various qualities such as confidence, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.

We had the opportunity through Move The World as lead facilitators to work with the JUMP! Foundation (the students created a new name for us: JOVE THE WORLD) to design a holistic learning experience for the participating students in Al-Rayan International School.

The program was divided into workshops, interactive sessions, group activities to ensuring a comprehensive understanding of leadership principles and practices. With sessions focused on self-awareness and reflection. Students were encouraged to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and personal values. They were guided to reflect on their goals, aspirations, and the kind of leader they aspired to become. We must say, (Michael and Hawa) from designing programs (Intensive and educative) to training students on leadership and facilitation skills to help them in their upcoming conference was an eye opening experience!!

It was our first time (Michael and Hawa) being in an international school like Al-Rayan and getting very close to their students, what we experienced was far different from what we expected. Hearing “International School”, we admit that we were thinking we’d see “spoilt and not so cooperative”students, but we couldn’t be more wrong and we met students that were willing to learn, listen and share ideas.

One of the significant benefits of the program was the opportunity for students to establish relationships with peers from different backgrounds and cultures. The bonds formed during the program generated a diverse network of future leaders, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas beyond the program’s duration.

The success of the leadership program at Al-Rayan International School exemplifies a profound impact on a well-designed and executed program by JUMP! Foundation and Move the World to develop their inspiring stories served as motivation and guidance for the students to illustrate that leadership has no boundaries.

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