PITF: Issaka Abdul-Hakim – Care International

What does it mean to a be a Global Citizen?
Being a global citizen implies that one has adequate knowledge of the world, ones role in it and again contributes towards ensuring a changed world thus being an active citizen

In regards to the SDGs, which of them are you most passionate about or which one impacts you the most?
Goal 1 – No Poverty

How did you get involved with your organisation?
First of all, I am passionate about working with NGOs. I joined a local NGO where working conditions were not good. My exposure to the INGOs through partnership projects I implemented at the local NGO in addition to my interaction with colleagues who find themselves there made me aspired to join them for improved working condition as well as the prestige attached to it. I challenged myself to gain considerable experience from the local NGO to compensate for the loss (lack of better working condition) and to enrich my CV to be make me marketable. While working at the local NGO after one year I began to look out for job adverts from these INGO and kept applying. By God’s grace, I was shortlisted, called for an interview which i performed and selected out of the four who were interviewed and given my appointment letter to work with CARE.

What makes you passionate about what you do within your organisation?
As an individual with passion for community work and working with local communities, I happen to find myself in the position of a field officer where I constantly engage local communities and vulnerable group. Working with them to impact their lives, thus defeat poverty and improve their well.

How do you see Move The World and your organisation collaborating?
CARE is committed to partnership building in programming due to diversity and inherent opportunities. Partnership ensures that expertise are brought on board to make lasting impact in the lives of the vulnerable. Once your organisation shares similar mission with CARE and has the expertise to drive projects, CARE could always collaborate on projects

Interview with Emmanuel Woma

Disclaimer: The views shared here represent Hakim as an individual and not that of CARE as an organisation and “I am responsible for any errors and omissions. They do not represent the views of CARE, Thank You.”

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