PITF: Prince Adu-Appiah – 1 Billion Africa

What does it mean to be a Global Citizen?
To be a global citizen means to see yourself in the perspective of the bigger global family and to thus be well informed and prepared of matters relating to that bigger picture. Global citizens are creative, innovative, and proactive people due to their exposure on global perspectives and are also tolerant people who embrace the concept of diversity. Global citizens play active roles in their communities, and this is because they understand they are responsible of their community, which forms part of the globe.

In regards to the SDGs, which one do you feel impacts you the most and/or which one are you most passionate about?
I am most passionate about SDG Goal 4 – Quality Education. Under this goal, the UN and world leaders seek to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. “Potential” is one thing that inspires me a lot. Potential of young people, startups and projects, etc. And it takes education, and quality education for that matter, to help one unleash potentials.

How did you get involved with your organisation- in your case, how did it begin?
I had a strong desire to create change! I wanted to contribute to the shaping of the better Africa we dream of. One dawn in December 2013, I had the aha moment of a “billion” Africans coming together to pick a problem each in Africa to turn into a project. This yields at least a “billion” solutions and opportunities. It sounded inspiring! And exciting! Thus, we created the 1Billion Africa movement and platform.

What makes you passionate about what you do within your organisation?
The breath-taking stories on the ground, and our “breadcrumb” successes or WINS on the journey. Wherever we have failed, we have also called that a WIN, because we picked a lesson up. There is indeed a great potential to create more impact with more support and collaborations from other organisations.

How do you see MTW and 1BA collaborating? We have lots in the past!
By identifying common grounds and creating more/new innovative projects. As well by finding strategic roles within our existing projects for the other party to come on board.

Interview with Joseph Fiagbe

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Here more from Prince here with his TedTalk in 2015

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