PITF: Agormor Richard Delali Del – Alliance for SDGs Network

An interview with Agormor Richard Delali Del (RD) with Emmanuel Woma (EW)

1. EW – Can you please tell me about your organization and how you got involved with your organization?
RD – The name of the organization is called Alliance For SDGs Network and what we do is to connect our African communities which surround us. In particular, the four Francophone countries around Ghana; Abidjan, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo.
Alliance For SDGs Network is a global collective of young people who want to peruse and champion the SDGs so that at the end of the day we can meet the agenda 2030 and also to develop our nation as well.
I got involved in this organization because I happen to work with World Merit (an organization that begun in UK) and Joshua, our leader saw the potential in me because we both worked together. So as far as the world is concerned and that’s why we got ourselves into this organization.

2. EW – In regards to the SDGs, which one are you passionate about ?
• RD – I am passionate about many SDGs but specifically I have enthusiasm for Goal 17 which is Partnership for the Goals. We have realized that we need to partner with other people and also as young people we need to come out as a global citizen so that we can partner together, seek for advice or council and information to put together in one basket and to protect the African continent and also be able to solve problems in the African countries.

3. EW- What does it mean to be a global citizen?
• RD- Global citizen as itself as a whole is creating awareness, understanding the wider world and also trying to cooperate with the institutions that are governed. As far as global citizenshop is concerned I just want to encourage the youth to just get collaborating so that we go wider and understand what the world is all about

4. EW – How do you see Move the World and your organization collaborating.
• RD – I have understood or I have seen that Move The World is also one of the organization that is trying to take on the world and I believe we can join forces together. Trust me when we come to the issue of SDGs , Alliance For SDGs Network has the people who have traveled outside the country and inside the country, so we have plenty of experience that if we team up with MTW we can make sure we empower the young generation and to project the image of Africa and the world as well.

Find out more about Alliance for SDGs Network here:

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