PITF: Interview with Francis Oko Armah – AfriYAN

Francis Oko Armah – Africa Youth and Adolescents Network

What does it mean to be a Global Citizen?

To be a global citizen means to understand what happens around you and outside your immediate environment to a much wider global context.
It means understanding the issues that affect you and others in different areas as well as thinking of solutions that helps address challenges in your community and other communities

Which of the SDGs are you passionate about?

Goal 4(Quality Education) & 5(Gender Equality) impacts me the most and I am passionate about goal 3(Good Health & Wellbeing)

How did you get involved with your organisation?

I was curious to learn and understand how babies are formed and find solutions to the mysterious death of women and children at birth. That was the beginning of my entry career – working on Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights, Maternal Health and other related issues.

What makes you passionate about what you do with your organisation?

The fact that I get to change the lives of people directly in different communities everyday.

How do you see MTW and your organisation collaborating?

We work with many young people through AfriYAN Ghana on different youth development issues, Move the World is a great partner to leverage youth voices and build capacities for great development outcomes in different areas across Ghana.

Interviewed by Habiba Abdallah

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Twitter and Instagram @TheOkoArmah

Facebook @OkoArma

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