PITF: Interview with Mickel Tetteh – Hope Restoration Network Ghana

Head of Volunteers – Hope Restoration Network, Ghana

What does it mean to be a global citizen?
Being a global citizen is a collective responsibility of all of us playing active roles in developing our communities through the provision of equal, fair and sustainable opportunities.

Which of the SDG’s are you passionate about?
Goals 3&4 are my primary interest, I believe when these two are met working together in partnership as goal 17 states, we will meet the rest of the goals with ease.

How did you get involved with your organization?
I serve as the head of volunteers, this puts me in the lead role to the planning, organizing and implementation of all project activities.

What makes you passionate about what you do with your organization?
It puts me in the position to have a better understanding of issues, I get to learn more from the people I work with and I also get to share my knowledge and experience with others.

How do you see MTW and your organisation collaborating?
Hope Restoration Network works in 3 areas ie. Education, Health and Livelihood development, I believe both organizations can collaborate in education and Livelihood development for sustainability.

Interviewed by Patricia Acquah

Get in touch with Mickel and HRNGhana

FB – Mickel Tetteh
Twitter – T_MicGH
IG – mickeltetteh

FB – Hope Restoration Network
Twitter – HRNGhana

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