As global citizens, achieving institutional goals and SDGs by 2030 requires that we all work together by pooling our resources to bring about the needed changes in our world.

As the name implies, the circle of trust is a Game-Based learning activity which teaches students the essence of working together as a team in achieving the most unlikely results and solving problems.

How the game is played:
Items needed

  • Human rights cards: a couple of cards with some human rights printed on them.
  • An open space


  • Just as is accustomed, the entire group is split into different teams. Preferably two if the class size is considerably small.
  • A circle is drawn on the floor for both teams. Preferably both teams should be at opposite sides with an open space between them.
  • The teams clump together inside their respective circles.
  • The space outside the circles is the lava and students are not allowed to touch this space.
  • The human rights cards are scattered on the lava at a fair distance from both circles.
  • Both teams have to devise a way to get as many cards as they can from the lava without touching the ground. This can only be achieved by working together.


  • The team which picks the most cards without touching the lava is declared the winner.

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