Being truly free – Michael Woma

Free yourself, think positive and get rid of all those false thoughts. You create your own prison with your thoughts. How then can we pull down our prison walls and set ourselves free? How can we use memories and thoughts intelligently without being trapped by them?

Actions inspired by true awareness will no longer be driven by fears, angers, anxieties or stress. Even in the face of great difficulties, instead of dwelling in a state of bitterness or self-pity, full awareness will give us the ability to focus on choices that bring happiness to us as well as to others. And that is the taste of true freedom.

As a volunteer, young advocate, young reporter or concerned citizen, I know that we are passionate about making the world a better place for everyone. Many of us are probably already taking action to prevent the spread of COVID-19, to protect our well being as well as others.

When there is true awareness, mental walls will slowly break down, instead of being limited by our conditioned way of thinking, we will live life spontaneously and act according to the needs of each moment, living in the now rather than living in the past or future.

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