Written by Ben Hayford

I work with the youth a lot in my day to day activities. I do a lot of business consulting for them in the area of business registration, the requirements and the processes involved. I also aid them in writing their business plans and proposals. Within a month I am able to consult for 6 young people on the average. Those I speak to informally on a friendly basis are enormous. Youth entrepreneurship has taken a different path in Ghana after the Corona Lockdown. Most young ones has risen to the fact that they need to build something that will last. Most of these young ones are sitting on ground breaking business ideas that need some little guidance and mentoring to make it a reality. Some of these ideas are capable of solve our alarming unemployment challenges should it be materialized.

My expertise as a business set up consultant has opened my eyes and made me realised that goal number 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals is attainable should we take a critical look at youth entrepreneurship. Goal number 8 talks about Decent Work and Economic Growth. For the economy to grow it needs a strong private sector presence that will supplement the government by creating jobs, increasing the employment rate thereby leading to national development. It has been said that it’s better to teach someone how to fish than to always fish for them. Move the World, a non for profit making organisation has join in this campaign through their GetGlobal program where they introduced their students to the Beads Making Activity. This activity was meant to instil in the kids the ability to create business from what they have, develop entrepreneurship skill by learning a skill for themselves.

It gives me great joy to give business support to up and coming entrepreneurs. My team is made up professionals such as lawyers, tax experts and business development experts who are ready to help build small business into magnificent ones. Together let’s create jobs instead of looking for jobs.

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