The main target group of impact in the Get Global Programme is the kids who are ever ready and eager to learn about the SDGs and what they can do to make sure no one is left behind. However, in this period of impact, there is a bounce-back effect on the facilitator who takes them through those sessions every fortnight.

This bounce-back effect has led to a growth phase in my drive towards becoming a changemaker. During the short time I have spent being a support facilitator on the Get Global Programme, I have seen developments in different skills and capabilities. My ability to think and develop ideas has improved immensely, mostly attributable to the nature of Get Global sessions, where there is that flexibility to transform the session to fit the mood of the pupils.

 In addition, the responsibility laid on a Get Global facilitator to guide these students into expressing themselves and bringing out the potential they have on the inside has helped developed my skills in connecting with people especially kids. Seeing these kids as my team members has taken me from that teacher-student relationship which has little to no need for connection, to a team level of relationship where we are striving for the same goal and working together to achieve it. 

Finally, the COVID challenges did not stop the growth. It however made me discover a new side of me which is creating content, this includes writing, creating content and designing infographics.

The more I invest time and energy into being a Get Global Facilitator, the more I grow and become a better person and a Global Citizen!

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