Get Global Impacts on Students – Habiba Abdallah

MTW has offered volunteers (facilitators) like me with a thirst to facilitate and support generations and to have a chance to realise this program in every school.

MTW has played into what lies within children with diverse backgrounds and the desire to harness their capabilities, passion to create change in their communities, their own lives, future by helping them to find out how they can make a difference.

Through volunteering with MTW, I feel enabled to engage with children and enjoy their companies despite some challenges. My experience with Get Global sessions so far has had significant impact on me and my confidence so much that I feel at ease when I walk into classrooms.

MTW keeps introducing me to diverse children, people and community. At the end of each session, the coordinator ask questions through debriefing which is helpful. I am confident with my knowledge and passion and it’s confirmed my aspiration to be a global facilitator travelling the world.

I love being involved with MTW and I am proud of our progress so far!


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