The Community Icon – Patricia Acquah

It is heart-warming to hear children call upon you when time is up for their activities.
It is never a dull moment working with future leaders, especially when it’s aimed at shaping them for that future. After the distribution of the COVID 19 Workbook, most parents became curious about this book and Move The World as a whole.

Every parent wanted a workbook for their child upon seeing the contents. It is a great excitement within because I feel I have impacted the lives of others positively just by availing myself for this initiative. I believe change is not only about the physical things changing from bad to good but also making others see things differently.

Children in my community now have started to see themselves beyond their immediate community. It is our collective efforts at Move The World that has brought about this impact. In my community, I do not only inspire the children but they also have the name of Move The World embedded in gold in their hearts.

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