Healthy Dialogue – An Essential Tool For Community Development

Written by Ben Hayford

Practicing Healthy Dialoguing is always good. It gives room for diverse points of views and opinions thereby paving way for creativity and innovation. A community with an effective dialoguing on social issues stands the chance to develop faster within the confines of peace and tranquillity.
Move the World (MTW) is one international non for profit organisation that has adopted this strategy in the development of the Medie community in Ghana.

Dialoguing has been one the essentials tools MTW has been employing over years in their quest to improve the lives of people they come across.
At the top management level, decisions are made solely on dialoguing. I have personally witness and participated in most of their dialogues which is mostly academically driven, passion motivated and democratically organised. Such discussions are centred on crucial issues facing the communities in which they working in of which mostly the end results is always productive.

It was once said by Sol Stein that “Dialogue is a lean language in which every word counts” and that is exactly what MTW is meant for. In the scene of dialogue, every word counts, every idea is welcome, no one is wrong and no one is right. This type of atmosphere relegates fear, inferiority complex and other negative attitudes and vibes that inhibits a healthy conversation.

As the whole world preaches democracy, peace and tranquillity, I together with the MTW family make a general appeal to all nations, families, ethnic groups, institutions to adapt to the use of healthy dialogue in dealing with issues since it has proven to us to be an essential tool to development.

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