My New Found Family – Celestine Chime

Prior to the lockdown of the capital due to the invasion of the COVID-19 virus, my life had been programmed to look forward to Friday of every fortnight with excitement and responsibility.

The class 6 pupils of the Lord Krishna Academy has become an integral part of my life, one I could not miss for anything in the world.

Every new session felt like a team meeting with fifteen team members working together to achieve the same goal – leaving no one behind.

To me, the pupils at Lord Krishna’s Academy are like family, whose welfare supersede a facilitator-pupil relationship and feels more like a sibling relationship.

With every weekly extension of the lockdown, I miss them the more and all I can think about is if they are being the change they promised to be in our last session when we worked on achieving Zero Hunger.

I believe this is going to be over soon and we will be together again.

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