WHY CBOs ARE NEEDED – Michael Woma

With community development, there can be multiple forces and sources of action to implement changes and improvements. A community seeking to improve itself is not limited to what is directly within its reach. It is possible for the average citizen to be the primary participant in the community development process, but they often have help from larger groups within and outside of the community. While this can include federal organizations and government assistance, it also includes community-based organizations.

The history and importance of Community Based Organization (CBO) in areas like Medie is a long one. Move The World(MTW) have been deeply involved in activities that have impacted the livelihoods of the people in Medie. In MTW, members have the ability to influence ideas and actions of others with the purpose to plan, implement and monitor social and community development programmes as well as provide technical and financial assistance to the community. MTW has positively impacted the process of change in Medie through the improvement of self-esteem, health education, sustainable development, safe water and sanitation of the people, all these developmental interventions they initiate are helping to bring changes in the communities.

MTW as a CBO plays a significant role in community development and these roles will need to be clearly understood by gradually assisting in identifying the appropriate support needed by CBOs in order to improve on community development activities, thereby improving the standard of living in communities and also reducing rural-urban drift.

If we all believe that Community Based Organizations can generate more true engagement between community members and members of the organizations, it will be easier to find groups of people sharing common attributes, in that they both have a stake in the place they call home.

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