Support the Child

Written by Hawa Tasala Gariba

Society teaches the child morals to be able to fit in,
School teaches the child literacy to be able to make good marks and get a respectable job,
MTW teaches the child morals, literacy and Skills to be able to feed themselves in the future even without a white collar job.

MTW goes into the classrooms to educate, to train and to impart.
Looking at Goals 1 and 2 which are “No Poverty and Zero Hunger” respectively, one cannot only facilitate theory but also add some practicals that is why in Goal 1- “No poverty,” we train the children on beads making not to only gain the skill but to be able to create an employment from it in the future because the rate of unemployment in our countries is high.
In Goal 2 – “Zero Hunger,” we teach them how to grow food crops, this is a way to tell the child that even an educated person can be a farmer to feed the world because they believe farming is the work of the illiterate.

MTW is grooming responsible leaders for the future that is why we are not focused on the books only but we also focus on the realities of life before we start our facilitations. The MTW believes that with all these imparted into the child, they won’t only settle for a white collar job but they’ll know how to make money out of the skills they have been given and become responsible someday, this will not only benefit the child but will also benefit the whole world. We entreat parents to support whatever skill their child possess and they will not be disappointed.

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One thought on “Support the Child

  1. Nice piece from my classmate back at SHS. I have no doubts in your ability towards achieving the said UN Goals as highlighted in your write up.
    Keep It Up!!!

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