At the core of Get Global are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1 to 6. All activities and projects are centred on educating these students on what these goals are about and how they can contribute to ensuring that ‘no one is left behind’.
The SDG Memory Game is done at the introductory sessions of the Get Global Programme to introduce all 17 SDGs to students in a fun and a more practical way.

How the game is played:
Items needed

  • SDG cards: a pair of cards for each of the seventeen goals. One card bearing the name of the goal and the other bearing the logo of the goal
  • A platform, or flat surface


  • Just as is done in most Get Global games, the group is split into different teams
  • The cards containing the SDGs and their logos are then spread face-down on the platform randomly.
  • Each team is supposed to pick two corresponding cards (i.e a logo and its corresponding goal)
  • If a team mismatch a pair, they put the cards back in the same spot they picked them from.
  • When a team picks up a corresponding pair, they are allowed to keep the matched cards to themselves and go another round.
  • If the team on their next round, have a mismatched pair, they place the mismatched cards face down and the other team gets the chance to pick.
  • This goes on until all the 17 SDG pairs have been picked from the platform. The team with the most SDGs at the end wins.

The SDGs Memory Game is a fun interactive way through which students easily get acquainted with all the 17 goals and what they entail. It also emphasises important virtues of teamwork, paying attention to details, concentration and strategy.

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