The Good Lady

Written by Hawa Tasala Gariba

When teaching or facilitating a child, do not only impart in him what is in the books alone but also educate him on the acceptable ways of society and that is what the MTW team does.

When we go into the classrooms, even though our work is to tell them what the sustainable development goals are and how it can help the world, we also take our time to let them know what EMPATHY, SYMPATHY, LOVE, GIVING are so that they will have the heart to give when the need arises. We make them understand that there is nothing wrong with sharing the little you have and we also let them put their selves in each others shoes to know how the person is feeling and that is the only way they can help and understand their friend and that is how I got my beautiful “choker” made for me.

From the empathy and giving skill instilled in them they made me a gift and I am very sure they practice this at home and in the future when they grow the world will be a beautiful place for them to live in.
Let’s not only be facilitator and teachers but let us also be friends to the kids and that is the only way we will know how beautiful their hearts are.

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