Our Get Global Passport; Journeying The World – Israel Fugah

The Get Global Programme Passport is a highly visual-friendly booklet used by facilitators to enhance the understanding of the SDGs as students are taken on a creative educative journey around the globe. It’s a perfect product representing the combined powers of education and entertainment!

With two facilitators(Lead and Support) tasked with the objective of empowering a class full of exuberant youth, you sure must have something up your sleeves to keep the class busy and engaged. That’s where the Passport comes in handy!

Each student is given a passport and throughout the six – goals structured programme, taken within a 7-month period, they will be required to fill, draw, act out and discuss questions and activities captured in the book.

The passport is divided into 6 sections with each part containing questions about a specific SDG. At the end of each section, students get to answer varying questions about the subject matter. All answered sections are given a seal of approval using the customized MTW stamp which most if not all kids always look forward to with such great excitement!

The passport continues to inspire creative open discussions, increases the involvement of all parties, creates a high sense of observation and inclusivity in class. At MTW, we believe introducing more visual friendly resources at homes and schools could be a game-changer in developing the next set of global leaders and citizens!

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