“That Moment” – written by Margaret Osei

……….That Moment………

That moment where everyone is quiet. Where School doors are locked, Churches are locked. Where Students are tired of staying home and the market centers are Closed.

That moment, Where you see the streets blocked by the police and Civilians running off because they will be send away to stay home.

A moment where troskis can not move freely for the sake of lockdown. Where you see loved ones and can not shake, hug and even get close to them.

That moment, where mothers can’t stay home because their family need to survive.

In fact the moment where washing hands with soap under running water is a necessity. Covering nose, sanitizing hands, avoid touching of faces and maintain it social distancing is a must to every person.

That moment is now!
Stay home! Stay safe!
When you move, the virus moves.

Inspiration behind the poem:
I have been a young woman who had always made journeys, worked with people and inspired them. Trained them and have always been inspired to see them smile. Today it’s hard to get close to them and all that I think of is ” That Moment”.

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