JUSTICE FOR ALL – Michael Woma

A collective state of mind becomes part of our intimate sphere of existence. While an imposed quarantine isolates us from others, we become subjects to conflicting information, wild rumours, and fake prophesies combined with an awareness of the injustice of unequal suffering and worries about what the future might hold in store.

This Coronavirus, makes its deadly across the world, people fall sick and die, communities and entire nations end up in its deadly grip and try to cope with it. Everything is changing, and changing fast and we all have to deal with it together, even if many of us are being physically apart. Humans are social beings. Our mental and physical capacities are created around that fact and crave for support and compassion.

Let us hope that this pandemic will serve as a reminder that we all share this earth and it is our common interest to take care of it together. This global state of great suffering and distress makes us realize that the best way to lessen our future disasters is to preserve our natural resources in a sustainable manner and guarantee equal education and healthcare for all.

Many of us might come out of our quarantine with an improved and more compassionate view of the world and of our fellow human beings.

Remember  what happens to our bodies affect our minds, and what happens in our minds affect our body as well.

For our own survival we have to achieve this through Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions!

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