Stephen’s Thoughts on Move the World

When I first saw Move The World on LinkedIn, I was curious about the name of the organisation and how they ‘move the world.’ The organisation is grounded on the maxim of thinking globally and acting locally. The same week as hearing about MTW I was in a volunteering session and heard the hummingbird story – how the small bird was trying to stop a fire by fetching water with its beak to quench the fire. Indeed the challenges that the world faces are enormous, and no single person or organisation can address any completely. What we need is as many people as possible considering themselves as change makers and making the effort to shape their sphere of influence positively. This is what Move The World is about. 

I applied to be a Grants Manager because I identified strongly with Move The World’s ‘why’, the organisation’s ethos and values. I had recorded a talk on building empathy and community as a means of tackling inequality in underserved communities, and it was exciting to hear about how Move The World’s work enables young people to develop the agency to address their local challenges and take ownership of the development of their communities. During the interview I asked what it was like working with the organisation, and part of the responses was that it feels like being in a family. In my first week of work, I had the privilege of going to Medie to meet the Ghana team, and easily bonded with the team although it was the first time meeting everyone. The warmth, friendliness and authenticity of the team made me feel at home and I began to understand what was said earlier. The super friendly and bubbly nature of the team makes the organisation really unique. 

Working together in the last few months, we have been able to send off a good number of applications while building a portfolio of funders to help continue and expand our global citizenship programmes. What I have enjoyed the most in the last few months is the opportunity to work in a flexible, friendly organisation while learning and sharpening my skills. I feel strongly supported and never alone in my role, and continue to enjoy the support of the team. 

Three moments that have stood out to me were 

1. Spending a day with the Ghana team and observing the programme in action. 

2. Meeting everyone in the UK team and spending a day together working and planning. 3. Receiving a surprise present in the mail upon finishing my dissertation. 

In a few weeks I will be initiated into a Move The World ‘ritual’ – working with the team to make a Christmas video. Looking forward to this and to many more months of working together, shaping the trajectory of the pupils we work for and having fun while doing so. Looking forward to the coming months with optimism! 

-Stephen Senyo Tettegah
November 2022

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