#FiverForHerFuture was an initiative we ran this past April to highlight our female facilitators. We wanted to share what these incredible women do outside of their work with Move the World. It was also intiated to encourage donors directly support our female faciliators and to ensure that more girls are enrolled onto the programmes, hence achieving more Girls and Women empowered.

Wave 2 of our GET GLOBAL and GET LOCAL sessions started this past week, and we hope that with what we have received so far, we can have more girls on the programmes.

Move The World through the #FiverForHerFuture has been able to raise £435 out of the £500 target set.

Thank you all for DONATING and helping MOVE THE WORLD achieve its WOMEN EMPOWERMENT GOAL!!

Now let me share with you all what it has been like being a Social Media Coordinator.

It’s been fun, it’s been challenging and it has been amazing!!

You know, waking up in the morning and having to find the right words to get attention, English is ‘hard’ haha, but to satisfy the audience and the target group, the right words are needed to match the picture or video being posted. Getting the right captions to post makes me feel fulfilled, knowing that people will just need to read the caption to know what the picture is trying to communicate is interesting.

All in all, I love what I do and I’m looking forward to bringing you all amazing people, the BEST of the BEST!!

-Hawa Tasala Gariba
Facilitator Extraordinaire and Social Media Queen

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