Get Local Wave 1 Complete!

Get Local is our follow on programme for Form 1 Students (age 13-15 years old) and with your support we were able to launch the 7 month programme in January 2022 in 4 different schools.

We were then able to launch it again in May 2022 in 6 different schools for a total of 10 Get Local Programmes this year! Phew!

It’s been a learning experience as teenagers are no joke, but an incredible experience for all us to stretch ourselves, learn and readjust where needed.

Our first 70 students of Get Local have officially graduated in July this year and we couldn’t be more proud of what they have accomplished and learnt.

What is Get Local? Check out below and a massive congratulations to our amazing facilitators for creating Get Local, implementing it and ensuring that students were engaged and had FUN!

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