Facing Forward to Break the Bias

We all got used to online events and meetings during the pandemic and as glorious as it is to now be able to be back in person – at Move the World we are looking to do a mix throughout the year to be able to include our incredible community from around the world.

March 8th marks International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate the achievements of women but more importantly to pledge a difference to see a more equal and fair world.
Last year we were honoured to host an event with the theme of #ChoosetoChallenge with 3 women from varying careers and backgrounds.
They spoke of their challenges and adversaries and they spoke of their drive and mission for women and girls to be included and welcomed in every sector.
A major thank you to Ivelina Green, Juliet Amoah and Rebecca Farmer for joining us.

Additional to this event last year we saw the incredible skills of our own treasurer, Kellie Lucas who moderated the conversation and discussion.
Kellie has welcomed the idea to host once again for this years International Women’s Day themed event – Facing Forward to Break the Bias.

#BreaktheBias is this years theme around the world and we wanted to pair this with Kwame Nkrumah’s iconic speech as he led Ghana into an independent state in 1965.
‘…we face neither east nor west, we face forward..’

This year we have another 3 incredible speakers who will discuss what it means for them to #BreaktheBias in their respective careers on a daily basis.

Nana-Efua Lawson : Managing Director and Principal Psychologist at Castlegate International

Renata Kashiwaya Pinheiro : VP Customer Success at WeGift

David Selorm Atsu : Associate at Credit Suisse

Tickets are by donation and we would love your support in empowering this upcoming generation to believe in their value, worth and their commitment to breaking the bias.

12th of April
7pm BST
Tickets Here

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