We’re Partnering With Global Fund for Children!

Let me take you into a day in the life of the MTW Core Team –
Now I want you think about our small and mighty team with 3 of us in the UK and 1 in Ghana. We’ve identified we need to diversify our revenue stream and we’ve found an amazing course through Acumen to do so. But let’s be honest, none of us have time for a 6 week course that needs 5 hours a week.

If you know us.. you know we’re going to find a way and do it anyways.
That’s exactly what happened in early 2021 for Claire, Lawrencia, Caroline and Megan.
Every week one of us would take on the responsibility for “leading the class” and getting a start on the homework – the rest of us would meet on Friday afternoon during nap time for our little “mover” and discuss the readings, complete the homework together and send it off.
As a small team, who are committed and ready for change, I can highly recommend the Acumen course for fundraising. Many aspects were highlighted for us – the biggest being…”wow, as we grow, we NEED to find other ways of bringing in income”

One of the case studies Acumen used was in partnership with Global Fund for Children (GFC). With a bit of googling we found GFC was very much aligned to our values and thought it was most definitely worth getting in touch.

Through Claire’s LinkedIn skills, she linked up with many of the exec team at GFC and set up some calls.

Thanks to Alex Kyerematen, Global Development Strategist who offered his time, his thoughts and took a chance on us.

Alex visited Lawrencia and the team twice over the last few years – spending hours getting to know the team and chatting about the impact Get Global and Get Local are making. The advice given was warmly welcomed and we started to think of our growth and sustainability even more.

Let’s jump to April 2022 when we received an email that Alex would be pitching our programmes and need some more information from us! As fast we could and with much quality we could contain – we sent over the documents needed and then sat back and waited.

It was in June 2022 when we received another email saying we had been selected for the next granting round within the GFC PEAK Initiative that things got really exciting.

GFC has signed up to partner with MTW over the next two years and we couldn’t be more excited or more grateful.

So far our partnership with GFC has been filled with learnings, doors opening and a financial contribution that is the biggest to date!

We can’t wait to see how this relationship will grow and bloom. Massive thanks to GFC for believing in the work we do and hosting a platform that harnesses the power of small, grass root organisations.

Here’s to growth and sustainability

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