Head Teacher Forum Pilot

As an organization, Move The World is constantly learning and adopting new strategies that enhance the quality of our programs.

When Schools resumed after the Covid’19 shutdown, it has been a struggle to continue programmes implementation within our partnered schools and to partner with new schools.

The national school’s academic calendar was constantly shifting, students had missed almost a year of classes, and school administrators were struggling to make up for it. Because school administrators were unable to pay them, many private school teachers left to find new employment.

Amidst these challenges, Move The World is ever determined to continue the quality delivery of educational programmes as it became increasingly salient that students needed to be aware of and understand global issues in order to explore novel ideas and solutions.

However, based on our interactions with school administrators, it is understandable that their primary focus was on the national syllabus and how they will be able to complete the previous year’s missed work with the ongoing academic year. As a result, school administrators had difficulty finding time and space to include us in their school activities. 

We consequently brought their concerns into our design process and created the HeadTeachers’ Forum to serve as a platform for school leaders to support one another by actively discussing challenges, looking into tried-and-proven solutions, and learning from stakeholders within the sector. 

Prior to this, the team was constantly debating whether or not the head teachers would attend the forum—that is, whether or not they would take time (that was needed in school) away from school to attend the event. We included head teachers in deciding what will work best for them, they proposed a 2-hour session and recommended a community-based location that was easily accessible to everyone. It turned out that including head teachers in the decision-making phase and sending invitation letters a month in advance worked wonders!

Our Maiden Head Teacher Forum Edition on the theme: ‘Integrating Global Citizenship Education Within Schools; the what, the whys and the how” took place on 9th March 2023. Dare I say that; it was a huge success!

We are extremely grateful for the fantastic collaborations with Joyce Larnyoh of International Child Development Program and Joseph Afangbe of Young Visionary Leaders Ghana who successfully engaged with school leaders to gain practical knowledge and understanding of the GCED concept and how school leaders can practically implement the Cognitive, Socio-Emotional and Behavioural Domains of GCED.

We have received very positive feedback from head teachers on the relevance of GCED and its domains and the commitments of school leaders in modifying school procedures and policies to reflect these new learnings.

“ The [forum] was awesome, and we are very grateful to Move The World. We have learnt so many things. We pray that this forum is organized everyday, every week, every month. We want to say thank you. In fact we feel like we are now going to start all over again because we are now students from today. We will take it to our schools, make results in the society, the country and the world at large. Move The World, God bless you and we wish to see you very soon in our schools.”

One of our facilitators was delighted sharing her feedback on her recent engagement with the headteacher of Medie International School when she went in to deliver a Get Global session.  

“The HeadTeacher’s forum has changed the perspective of HeadTeachers about our programmes. Some schools that were not very welcoming, now receive us with smiles and they tell us to keep up with the good works. At a session in Medie International School, after the HeadTeachers’ Forum, the headmaster approached me to thank Move The World, in his words he said “Thank you for the forum organized for the headteachers, we really learnt a lot and we hope you keep doing what you’re doing” ”

Global Fund for Children deserves our deepest gratitude. Through our recent partnership with GFC and as a member of the Partnership to Educate All Kids (Peak) Initiative Ghana Cohort, we easily were able to collaborate with International Children Development Programme and Young Visionary Leaders Ghana.

It is truly empowering when organisations effectively collaborate to open up opportunities for positive impacts to spread into the communities we serve.

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