What is wonderful about the small development world is that we are connected with so many people and organisations doing incredible things around the world.

Sometimes these connections are knowledge based
– we know of each other and champion each others work but leave it at that.
Other times these connections are networking and knowledge exchange portals
– ‘here is someone you should speak to about X’ or ‘I’ve been there before, here are some ideas for you’

And other times they begin with a shared value, there is some collaboration, some distance and then when the time is right a partnership sprouts!

This is our relationship with the incredible MIA Chocolate.

If you don’t know about them yet- or haven’t found reason to try their chocolate stop reading, put it on your shopping list and go pick some up!

MIA- Made In Africa is a sustainable organisation dedicated to ensuring that cocoa is grown, harvested and packaged all in Africa.
Much of the chocolate we consume starts off on the continent, but is quickly shipped to other countries and made into chocolate elsewhere – there isn’t much payment for the farmers and the chance for upskiling stops before it can start.

MIA has turned that on its head and is working directly with farmers in Madagascar and now in Ghana to ensure from seed to packaging its all done “in house.”

Needless to say, we love their work and were so excited when we came together and found a way to partner with them.

With a focus on SDG 2- Zero Hunger, MIA funded 3 Get Global sessions in 3 schools in July 2022. Have a look at the impact they were able to provide!

Thank you so much MIA Chocolate – we look forward to continuing to Move the World with you and equally promote the incredible work you are doing.

If you are interested in partnering with us – get in touch and lets chat!

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