PITF: Emmanuel Mumuni – GIZ

1 What does it mean to be a Global Citizen?:
It’s heavily built on the concept of awareness. The understanding of what goes on beyond your community and what happens in other jurisdictions and how that informs the way you behave in your local environment. All these come into play and all these is based on educatio, having the heart and caring about the environment and things beyond oneself.

2 In regards to the SDGs, which one do you feel impacts you the most / OR  which one are you most passionate about?:
Goal 4; Quality Education. In my opinion, all the other goals can be achieved when one is well educated.

3 How did you get involved with your organization?:
GIZ is the name of the company and it’s the initials for the German name of the company. It is a German development cooperation which have a lot of ongoing projects worldwide, funded by the German government and Ghana happens to be one of the big beneficiaries and there are about 80 ongoing projects here in Ghana. one can get into the organisation as a worker via a long process of application. I was lucky to be offered a position in the organisation to manage an entrepreneurship programme within the organisation and that’s how I got to be working with them now.

4 What makes you passionate about what you do within your organization?:
I believe in quality education and entrepreneurship. There has a long of history where people come to Africa and give supporting hands but what they miss is teaching people how to provide for themselves and that’s what I’m really into, helping people to find their potentials and becoming independent.

5 How do you see MTW and your organization collaborating?:
Our organisation is a big umbrella with so many different parts and we are more into economic development; skills development and entrepreneurship so I don’t clearly see a connection because MTW is more into youth empowerment which we lack so i think our company should take a look on that side and maybe step down a letting to that aspect. But there are many opportunities for us partnering in terms of projects which will involve funding “for example the mountain hike” we did some time ago. I can create more connection when it comes that aspect of getting my people on board with activities of that kind but there are other many windows where we can have a strong collaboration so we need to keep doing more of open communication to see what can be done together!

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