Israel’s thoughts on the Get Global Programme


  • Nelson Mandela

The ability of a kid to walk right is when he or she is rightly taught how to walk. Your ability to drive well and responsibly, most at times, hinges on the fact that your instructors taught you well. Your ability to solve complex problems could be based on the fact that you were taught how to solve the smaller problems rightly.

This means Educating (rightly) is a key concept that needs to be prioritized highly in our schools, homes and countries. The ability of a nation to groom its younger generation into reliable leaders is mainly based on the content, methods and modes through which the young ones are trained.

And that’s why at Move The World, we don’t just teach but we facilitate. Through effective facilitation skills, most students in Medie are not only getting to understand the first 6 SDGs and their impact on the world but also they are becoming more aware of what it means for each one of them to be a Global Citizen through our flagship initiative, Get Global Programme!

During one of my support facilitation roles on SDG 1 (No Poverty) at United Christian Academy. We provided students with a beading kit (beads, strings, lockets) and asked each kid to get their creative caps on to design a bracelet. These pictures are just a few of the results from our creative geniuses. Now, should you have asked them to do this a week before the session, it would have been close to impossible; though each kid had seeds of creativity embedded in them!

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