My Journey With MTW

Written by: Ben Hayford

Joining the Move the World team built me up in so many different ways. My love for kids and their development coupled with my passion for community development made me fall in love with the mission and vision of the Move the World team.

I grew up in a compound house where all my extended family members live together in one compound. We play and do our things together as one big family. We share our challenges as a family and solve them as a family. Nobody lacks anything and nobody goes hungry. I fondly remember there was a time my parents travelled leaving me and my siblings behind. Being the first child, I was supposed to take care of my siblings and I had no clue of that. My big cousin came around and took care of us for 3 good days. Those moments were one of my best childhood times.

Move the World even though a non for profit organisation operates like a family. With MTW, every one counts and everybody is accepted no matter your background. The exposure MTW gave me is that of a transcultural adversity. The ability of people with different cultural background to live in harmony and learn from each other. People of different color and race working toward one particular goal with the sole vision of community and human development. This has really serve as a springboard for me to do the little that I can to support my community.

Being an enthusiast and an advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the GetGlobal program has really enlightened me more on the SDGs and how vital it is to promote and educate people on them.
The GetGlobal program is set to educate children on the first six SDGs within the Medie community, a city located in Ghana. This is the first of it kind in Ghana and I am so glad to be a part.

As a result of this program I was able to educate my immediate family on the SDGs hitherto was not so much interested in it because they have not really seen its impact in their lives. They appreciated the need to think globally and act locally in the attaining the SDGs.
They realized that, for us to achieve at least the first six SDGs, every action they take counts and therefore as a matter of urgency all hands must be on deck in our quest to achieve global peace and tranquillity.

My heartfelt appreciation goes to the Move The World team for granting me such a platform and an opportunity to to realise my dreams and impact people lives.

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