School Days til Now….

Written by Joseph Fiagbe

Way back in Junior high school, I was a timid and shy boy who only gave his time to Academics and nothing else. One day, our school was to take part in a district culture dance competition festival so the assistant head teacher back then came to my class to ask for volunteers who will be taught some dances to go and compete for our school.

None of us stood up since we were all shy. He started pointing out people himself and I got the pointing hand! We were brought to the Dagara Music Centre to be trained and it was fun learning something new.

We had the first competition right in my school and we were selected for the second level; went for the second level after some few weeks in a different school and we were selected again to join some schools on a mass production to rep our district for district level. It was a joyful moment but we had very few days for the big day so much resources wasn’t invested into us and we got the 4th position at the district level. And that was when I realized my hidden talent. The Boss of DMC, late Bernard Woma saw a rising start in me and asked me to join his culture troupe after JHS completion and I did. My dancing life became serious. I supported my high school also with series of cultural dance programmes and it was fun and after completing high school, I became a full time stuff at the DMC building up my dance life. Through this I meet MTW which was then ATD.

Meeting and working with MTW have been a tremendous positive journey in all walks of life where I’ve become a good facilitator and a global citizen. I have met people from different walks of life and by so doing, I’ve become a master of cultural diversity. I have developed the passion of playing and working with people around me especially kids in helping them to become good global citizens.

Working with MTW is having a great impact on my life where I’ve become a humbly bold and courageous man who will always want to see the world put on a smiling face. Together we can make the world smile!

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